REDEMPTOR was founded in the Polish city of Lomza in November 2001 by guitarist Daniel Kesler.


During the next 2 years the group composed songs, which formed the basis of their two demo releases: "Looking For The Violent Advance", "...And Fracture In Human Art". Both recorded in 2003.


The first big step was a full length album "None Pointless Balance", recorded in 2005 at the famous HERTZ STUDIO with WIESŁAWSKI brothers, and released by Russian label Magik Art Entertainment in 2007. Despite the great number of positive album reviews in metal medias, the band decided to suspend their activity, due to rhythm section line-up problems.


Hiatus ended in late 2008, when the founder of REDEMPTOR started to enroll new names in Cracow – city known for a strong metal scene and very talented musicians. New people on board were: vocalist Michał 'Xaay' Loranc (graphic artist known for cooperation with BEHEMOTH, NILE, KAMELOT, DECAPITATED, NECROPHAGIST) who became responsible for both lyrical and visual directions of the band; guitarist Konrad Rossa (Cryptopsy, ex-Trauma, ex-Decapitated); experienced session bass player Andrzej Pichlinski; and drummer Jakub Chmura (SCEPTIC, THY DISEASE, ANAL STENCH, NEVER) who added a significant groove-jazz air into REDEMPTOR’s music.


In case of live activity the band recorded a demo "Nanosynthesis" (2009), and then EP entitled "4th Density" (2011).


In that period REDEMPTOR played one tour and many single gigs, in example supporting DECAPITATED, during COVAN WAKE THE FUCK UP tour (recorded and released as DVD by Polish label MYSTIC PRODUCTION). That time brought also a minor line-up changes: Hubert Więcek (BANISHER) – became a new guitarist, Wojciech Famielec (DISPERSE) and later Piotr Tokarz – the basists.


In 2013 REDEMPTOR entered the SOUND DIVISION studio (with Arek 'Malta' Malczewski behind the console) and finished a second full length, entitled "The Jugglernaut". This time the drummer seat was taken by Kerim “Krimh” Lechner as a session drummer, well-known for playing drums for DECAPITATED (ex), BEHEMOTH (session tour), and now a permanent member of SEPTIC FLESH.


In January of 2016 REDEMPTOR started recording the 3rd full length, with Paweł 'Pawulon' Jaroszewicz (HATE, ANTIGAMA, ex-VADER, ex-DECAPTITATED) as a new drummer. In Autumn of 2016 REDEMPTOR completed a small tour across Poland, and through the next monts the band has been focused on recording and mixing process of upcoming LP. The album entitled "Arthaneum" will hit the stores by November 30th 2017 through SELF MADE GOD RECORDS.